QuoVadis Customer Update

Hello QuoVadis Customers, we wanted to update you on some developments to the QuoVadis platforms that directly benefit you in terms of overall reliability and performance of the services that we provide you.

Internet services

As you know, the Internet today is mission-critical to the success of your business. QuoVadis has invested heavily in providing our clients with the most reliable internet platform available in Bermuda. We have purchased wholesale bandwidth from the three primary ISP’s in Bermuda (LinkBermuda, Onecomm and Digicel). Customer traffic is automatically load balanced across the three providers and whenever a fault occurs with a provider, the traffic automatically re-routes across the other providers. This design ensures that you have the most reliable access to the internet with no need to implement complex networking technologies within your office.

We observed that despite the above design, our customers were still being impacted by internet performance issues. Specifically, upstream issues such as high latency connections, internet congestion and packet loss events could still impact customer internet performance despite our multi-carrier design. So in 2019 we resolved to improve this situation and we selected a vendor that provides intelligent routing software that can automatically detect upstream issues and reroute traffic to improve performance. Since we installed this software, customer service calls for internet-related issues have dramatically reduced.

We cannot promise you that we will never experience internet problems but we can commit to providing the most robust platform that we are able to design and to implementing value-added technologies and services that will enhance your overall internet experience.

Cloud Hosting Storage

Protecting customer data and ensuring secure, reliable and fast access to stored data is one of our top priorities at QuoVadis. Our first storage platform installed in 2011 consisted of mechanical hard drives (spinning disks) front-ended with fast solid-state drives and memory read/write cache. As our customer base grew we realized that this technology would not provide all of our customers with reliable performance and we experienced storage bottlenecks that impacted customer performance. So, in 2013 we implemented Bermuda’s first all solid-state drive platform delivering at least 10x the performance of the original platform. This eliminated the bottleneck problem and we have not had a single performance-related service call from a customer since installing this platform.

In 2019 we decided it was time to refresh our storage platform again so we researched the best options on the market for cloud hosting providers. Over the past several months we purchased and implemented an All Flash storage platform and migrated our customer data to this new platform. This technology ensures that all of your data is fully encrypted for security and provides unparalleled levels of performance and data protection. QuoVadis is the only cloud provider in Bermuda providing this type of technology.

We will update you as we continue to invest in technology to provide you, our customers, with state of the art technology solutions that enhance your overall IT environment by ensuring dependable, high-performance platforms that are supported by a team of trusted technology experts. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly and if you ever need support or have technical questions please email our service team at support@quovadis.bm.

To learn more, call a QuoVadis representative at 1 441 278 2807
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