Loss of data and system downtime can threaten your business’s survival.
But a well-designed disaster recovery plan means that your data is safe and it’s business as usual should catastrophe strike.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Bermuda

QuoVadis provides our customers with global disaster recovery services to ensure that applications or platforms are guaranteed to be available should a disaster event occur on the primary platform.

The easy, effective way to manage your team’s disaster recovery plan


  • Disaster recovery with hardware independent recovery.
  • Near continuous real time replication services.
  • Replicate all data or select specific servers/applications/data.
  • Management reporting to confirm replication within SLA.
  • Data can be replicated to alternate offshore locations to maintain corporate compliance.
"QuoVadis have been the backbone technical infrastructure for our software as a service business for over a dozen years. We have benefitted from their responsiveness to our requirements and their understanding of information security has been of immense value to our team. This has allowed us to have a greater focus on our clients. "

- - Dave Shastri, Matware

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